G.C.S. of Col from Kingaroy Area

When there was a veteran rally going I never had a bike to participate in, so with a little bit of trading and dealing I came up with a 1914 Stillwell.  A little bit rough around the edges but complete from NSW.  With 2 new guards and tyres and 6 months work I had a veteran ready for testing.  The belt ration was too high and you had to be fit like Wally Lewis to get it to fire up so by lowering the gear ration and a belt neutraliser for traffic lights for safety reasons I got it under control.  Just like an automatic drive, the crank handle rear wheel starting saves my worn out knee caps and the running boards make for comfortable motoring.  Over the ten years of use it has been very reliable and the 770cc JAP motor handles most hills. After 60 years of motorcycling the 3rd national Veteran rally held at Warwick I claimed it to be the best motorcycling that I have had in my Life.