Engine - 81.8 x 95 mm. (497 c.c.) O.H.V. Two port (VH2) or Single port (VH 1) optional. Specially bench tested and capable of being tuned to speeds exceeding 100 m.p.h. Completely enclosed valve and rocker gear automatically lubricated under pressure. Ground and highly polished ports. 14mm sparking plug. Extremely rigid crankcase designed for maximum speeds and efficiency. Polished high tensile steel flywheels.

Ariel Red Hunter 40K

Large diameter mainshafts mounted on two heavy duty roller bearings and one ball bearing. Extra large double roller bearing big-end with duralumin cage. Light and rigid nickel-chrome steel con-rod polished all over. Special light pressure piston rings. A medium compression piston is fitted as standard. A high compression piston giving a ratio of 7.5 to 1 (suitable for 50/50 Petrol / Benzole only) can be fitted to special order, without extra charge.

Engine Dry sump system employing dual plunger pumps and 3/4-gallon capacity separate oil tank. Patent oil purifier incorporated in Flywheels.
Carburetter Large bore, down-draught Amal. Petroflex supply pipe.
Gearbox Four-speed. Foot control. Clutch lever enclosed- in rubber moulding.
Speedometer Smith 100 m.p.h. trip speedometer, tank mounted, gearbox drive, will be fitted at extra unless otherwise ordered. Fork mounted, internal front wheel drive optional.
Transmission Engine shaft shock absorber. Polished auminium oil bath chain case and Ariel outside clutch of large dimensions. Rear chain fully protected and automatically lubricated.
Exhaust System Two-port: Silencers; Large capacity, as illustrated. Pipes: Upswept with leg guards or low level to special order. Single-port: Silencer; As Model VG. Pipe : Upswept with leg guard or low level to special order.
Wheels Dunlop tyres, 3.25 x 19 Speed Universal rear; 3.00 x 20 ribbed front. Chromium brake plates. Chromium rims. Red centres.
Mudguards Robust ribbed section steel guards, as illustrated. Tail of rear guard hinged to facilitate wheel removal.
Tank All-steel saddle type, with instrument panel. 3 1/4-gallon capacity. Superbly finished Chromium and Red, lined Gold.