World's Fastest Velocette


The world's fastest Velocette is travelling to the USA to compete at the Salt Lakes in August 2011. The bike was shipped from Brisbane, Australia to Salt Lake City in Utah, USA. Salt Lake is about 2 hours travel from Bonneville. Velo in packing crate Salt Lake City will be the base as the team prepares the Velo for the first of the Speed Meetings they are attending which is BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials August 27th to Sept 1st.
. "Much work has gone into the bike to develop it since it last raced in Australia and set its Record Run of 139.001 mph. The Velo is running well, we are happy with the preparation and most importantly we are ready to race. We will have to adjust the tuning to suit the higher altitude of the Bonneville Salt Flats. Our intention is to stay on in the US and compete in the next meeting at Bonneville which is World of Speed on September 14th to 17th, 2011."
More information is available on the Worlds fastest Velocette website ( Velo right side     Velo front view
The record for the world's fastest velocette had been held by Burt Monroe ( subject of the book "one Good Run" and inspiration for the movie "The Worlds fastest indian") since 1971. The record for the Flying half-mile, Beach, 750cc Class was set on a Velocette 618cc - 132.35mph, Oreti Beach, 1 May 1971. His Standing Start, Quarter-mile, Open Class was set on a Velocette 600cc - 12.31 seconds, Invercargill, 25 March 1962. Velocettes still hold the 24 hour production motorcycle record for 500cc motorcycles at 100.05 mph. This was set in 1961 and has not been broken.
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